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Available Munchkins


Munchkin kittens come standard (short legged) or non-standard (long legged). They are very playful and love to hop and jump around. Their short legged (dwarf) gene is a dominant trait and having short legs does not hinder them in any way. They can climb high and jump low and are very silly but please don't let their short stature fool you these little guys are strong! 

To hold a kitten we require a $200 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit which is only refundable if something happens to the kitten while in our care. The remaining balance is due at a arranged pick up time. All kittens with deposits placed toward them will be advertised as pending until full payment is received. Continue to check in for updated pics.


No shipping pick up only.


All kittens are sold as pet companion kittens only unless discussed and noted in contract. Also our kittens come with a 1 year health guarantee.

Kitten Care

Having a healthy, happy kitten starts with love, feeding a good diet and vet check ups. We make sure to spend lots of time playing with and getting to know our kittens. Including all of our kittens are checked by a licensed veterinarian before leaving the cattery between 8-12 weeks.

Contact us to reserve a kitten today!

Short leg Munchkin kittens are $1600

Long leg Munchkin kittens start at  

Lambkin kittens (Devon Rex x Munchkin) start at $1800+ 
contact us for more information.

Yoda the Genetta at his new home!

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