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White Forest Studs


Leo is a  2 year old golden nicely  rosetted Bengal. He recently arrived and has added a touch of class to the cattery that had been missing with his exotic jungle mannerisms. He enjoys long sips at his fountain, lounging around greenery and taking long naps in the sun. He has made himself perfectly at home here and I am excited to have him.  

SnowMan Yeti

Snowman yeti is a Snow Bengal x Pixiebob. He is beautifully muscle toned, polydactyl, and bob-tailed. He was the first kitten brought to our home. We enjoyed playing with him so much as he pounced around jumping to catch balls two handed in the air, while galloping like a little lion that we decided we wanted to present the opportunity for others to enjoy this Snow-bob breed, their qualities and characteristics. We cherish and love him very much. He is the beginning of our feline family! Snowman is happily retired, is now six years old and spends his days relaxing here at home.

Elvis (the Munchkin)

Elvis is a orange marbled white collard munchkin. During the day he has the laid back library cat attitude. When night time comes Elvis's nocturnal instincts kick in and he turns into a true circus clown! He loves chasing his toy balls around and climbing high. Yes, contrary to belief even with its short legs the munchkin is a quick, very strong cat that loves to climb high and jump low!

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