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The Cheetah is the worlds fastest land mammal running up to 70 mph while domestic cats can run up to 30 mph.

The leopard is the most widespread of all big cats. The Bengal cat is a cross of a Asian Leopard cat and domestic cats. Bengals come in long and short hair and are bred to enhance their wild look like that of a small leopard.


Most domestic cats give birth of up to 9 kittens in a litter. The largest litter was born in the UK in which a Siamese x Burmese gave birth to 19 kittens 4 of those were stillborn.


Typically cats sleep 16 hours a day.


Like lions live in prides, domestic cats live in similar colonies and adhere to a hierarchical structure unlike leopards who live solitary as adults. 


The largest domestic cat breed is the Maine Coon and largest domestic cross-breed (wild x domestic) is the Savannah cat.


The largest wild cat in the world is the Liger a lion x tiger hybrid.

Hercules, a Liger of Myrtel Beach Safari reserve in South Carolina holds the Guinness world record as the largest wild cat in the world. 

In North America the largest prehistoric cat weighing up to 1036lbs of the Ice Age was the American Lion or Panthera Atrox


A female leopard and lion in oestrus (heat) mates every 5 mins over 3 to 5 days averaging mating more than 250 times.  


The smallest domestic cat breed is the Singapura followed by the Munchkin Cat a short legged cat reported to have been seen around the world since the 1940's.


Lilieput a Munchkin Cat of Napa California holds the title for the worlds shortest cat. She measures 5.25in from floor to shoulders.


A cats back contains 48-53 vertebrata including the tail allowing them to be extremely flexible. Some cats with no tail for instance the Manx have less vertebrae.


A cat with no tail can live a perfectly normal life. Tailless domestic cat breeds include the Manx, Japanese Bobtail and Pixiebob.


The oldest domestic cat breed is the Egyptian Mau. It was used in the select process breeding program of Jean Mill the originator of the Bengal cat breed.

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