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Meet Our Maine Coons


Our loving Maine Coon cats are REFR registered.  They have screened negative for HCM, FLV and FIV.


Maine Coons are very loving and playful. I found this breed to be my favorite of all breeds. They are true guardians, very mystical and loyal.


The Maine Coon presents a calm character who finds the appropriate time to play and are easily trained like canines. Maine Coons require regular brushings of their coats but are primarily a easy breed to care for. They make good pets for businesses and homes! 


Currently no Maine Coon kittens available. 

contact us about upcoming litters

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Disclaimer: Be aware of scams! We are not shipping pets. We are not affiliated with any other breeders using the prefix White Forest! We encourage purchasing from licensed breeders including visiting kittens in person before reserving or purchasing! 
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